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Welcome to Mrs. Berry’s Fifth Grade Classroom!
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Welcome to our fifth grade classroom blog!  Six years ago I left the classroom to become a technology specialist, then a Technology Integration Specialist at the school level and last year served as a Technology Integrator for the school district, working with teachers.  I made the decision to return to the classroom because I had missed the students and I really wanted to “be in there”, using the new 21st century technologies.

Blogging is one of the new technologies that wasn’t around – at least not at the school level, when I last taught fifth grade.  So, my students and I launched out on this new adventure together!  I think in the short time we were really able to “actively” blog, students really enjoyed it!  A couple students continue to contribute to the blog ……and school was out on June 3rd for the summer!  Way to go “mamasita” and “ripstick”! 

I have been issued a new challenge for next year.  After teaching the intermediate grades or adults for the last 29 years, I have been asked to teach kindergarten next year.  My first reaction was of absolute shock and I think I went into complete distress.  One of the very first thoughts rolling around in my mind was that i was not going to be able to use the great technology tools that are available for students anymore.  But, as I looked online, I did see some kindergarten classrooms around the world who are using technology….

If you are reading this blog and you have any ideas, websites, tips, words of encouragement (!!!) in how to integrate technology in a meaningful way with my little five year olds, please respond comment!  I’ll start a new posting for it:  New Adventures

We hope you will check back frequently, or even think about subscribing to our blogs and to our podcasts!

International Edublogger

The 6 & 7 year olds from Room 9 at Nelson Central School in New Zealand will educate you about what they think a blog is and why they love using them! This part is the student’s voice as an AUDIO file. Check out their class blog here at http://room9nelsoncentral.blogspot.com


  1. lisawya67 says:

    Our class and teacher are also starting a blogging journey together and so far it’s been fun!
    Are you enjoying blogging?


  2. Mrs. B says:

    We’re so glad that you’ve written! Is your class part of the 31-Day Comment Challenge? Is that how you found us?

    My students, please share your thoughts here on blogging with Lisa. (Please remember, however, that we are not permitted to use our real names. But perhaps we could do so through Gaggle.net later.)
    Mrs. Berry

  3. mamasita says:

    Hi Lisa, we love blogging. It’s so cool. How long have you been doing it?

  4. chandb says:

    Hi, Lisa what is your school’s name? Ours is Lewis Carroll Elementary. What are you doing your blogs on? We’re doing it for the 31 – day Comment Challenge and we’re doing it on a book called EARLY THUNDER. The book is about a boy named Daniel who’s on the Whigs’ side and fights against the Tories.

  5. madg says:

    Hi Lisa, doing the class blog is lots of fun!
    We don’t have our own blog. We only have a class blog so we do it kind of differently but it is still really fun! I enjoy it a lot and hope we do for a long time! Oh by the way I love your blog. It is really cool! Do you like ours?

  6. jordiegirl says:

    Hello, Lisa! Our class was so excited when we figured out that a person in another country messaged us! We’re so glad that you decided to message us! Blogging is awesome, and we love it! What is your class blogging about?

  7. Miss W. says:

    G’day everyone. I am Lisa’s teacher and we are in Tasmania, Australia. I wonder if you can find us near the airport near Hobart on a map?

    My class has been blogging since the beginning of this year (February) and we have a class blog at http://wyatt67.edublogs.org but many of the students also have their own blog.

    I have also been showing some teachers about blogging and they can be found on my blogroll.

    We have never done podcasts. Perhaps you would like to tell us how you make them and what programmes you use.

  8. ripstick says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Blogging is really fun. I really enjoy it. Do you like blogging?
    Its really fun to be able to talk to other people and discuss some important issues and ideas!

  9. shubey says:

    Love that quilt-like mosaic of artwork at the top of this post. How did you do that?

  10. Mrs. B says:

    Thank you! The first week of school my students did self-portraits of themselves on 8 1/2″ by 11″ tagboard. They drew the frames around the pictures. Then I scanned each one, resized them, and put them into a table. Finally I made a screen shot of the finished table on our webpage. I then used that graphic for this blog. It sounds like a lot of steps, and perhaps it is, but I have used the graphic many times and since I am not allowed to use the students’ photos on the web…..

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